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Enterprise Care has a number of key activity areas that provide specialist services to organisations:

Remuneration and benefits strategy design 

Our consultants work with you and provide you and your organisation with expert advice to help design or review your organisation's current remuneration strategy. Read more

Salary benchmarking

Since 1999, Enterprise Care has been conducting the Not for Profit Remuneration Survey. The resultant annual Not for Profit Remuneration Report is widely acclaimed as an indispensable tool for the Not for Profit Sector. Read more

Governance practice development and review

Strong Corporate Governance practices are an important feature of well-managed and sustainable organisations. As governance advisors we:

  • assess an organisation’s governance system and identify areas for improved adding of value;
  • suggest the appropriate alignment of the organisation with its strategic direction;
  • recommend adoption of sound governance practices; and
  • outline the core areas of Compliance.

Read more

Strategic planning, positioning and thinking

The development and implementation of a robust and effective Strategic Plan is an important tool for any organisation.  As part of the strategic planning process, an organisation should look at all the things it could do and narrow these down to the things it is good at doing.  A well-formulated Strategic Plan will help an organisation’s leaders determine where to spend time, resources and money to achieve the organisation’s key objectives. Read more


Organisations need a legal service advisor that provides more than just a sound knowledge of the law. We have expertise across a range of sectors and understand the key drivers operating within our clients’ organisations. We fully take into account the context in which our clients operate. Read more

Please contact Enterprise Care to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone (03) 8862 6315.

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