Governance Intelligence® Audits

Holistic Corporate Governance

Through extensive work with hundreds of Boards, thousands of Directors, personal experience in roles of Chair and Director, and in-depth global research; Damien Smith developed a proprietary holistic corporate governance view of an organisation.

It recognises that the current individual governance parts need to be managed as one. This ensures acknowledgement of the relational connectivity that exists between one another. For governance to truly support a high-performance organisation, it needs to maintain a whole-of-organisation perspective. This treats the role of governance as universal. As such governance directly nurtures an organisation’s profitability and resilience. The essence of Governance Intelligence® provides operational clarity and the pathway to be a High-Performance Organisation.

This discovery was a breakthrough and is pivotal in the creation of Governance Intelligence® Audits.


The hectic pace of environmental changes brings unprecedented pressures on Boards, CEOs and Executives to successfully discharge their roles and responsibilities.

Boards, CEOs and Executives are faced with ever shorter timeframes in which to deal with important matters.

The ever present challenge is one of trying to make timely and successful strategic business decisions without having sufficient or adequate information or insights. As a result the future operations and sustainability of too many organisations is subjected to uncertainty and reliant on good luck.

The holistic approach of Governance Intelligence® Audits provides organisation leaders with clarity, insights and pertinent information, enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time, and hence getting to do the right things.

Key Features of Governance Intelligence® Pulse and Express Audits

  • Online: Purchase now and access wherever and whenever to provide individual input
  • Scalable: Choose the number of participants (one to unlimited), as well as the scope of your Governance Intelligence® Audit
  • Credible & Objective: All participant inputs are captured, analysed and delivered via a system generated report
  • Instant Feedback: Upon completion of any Governance Intelligence® Pulse or Express Audits each participant will receive a copy of the Audit Report by email
  • Easy to use & Intuitive: The Report’s charts and commentaries and easy to understand and offer very practical “quick wins” for action

As additional Governance Intelligence® Audits are completed you gain insights via successfully tracking those key levers that best underpin your organisation’s improved performance and sustained competitiveness. The Governance Intelligence® Audits also offer reliable and extensive benchmarking as well as presentation of detailed findings upon request for an additional fee.

Governance Intelligence® Audits enhances an organisation’s capability to successfully navigate the volatility, uncertainties, complexities, and ambiguities it faces daily in a timely and effective manner.

It directly contributes to Directors, MDs/CEOs, Senior Executives, and all staff achieve better performance. Organisations using Governance Intelligence® are more resilient and achieve greater success when benchmarked against their peers.

Laying bare an organisation’s operating environment in an understandable dashboard means decision-makers have greater confidence in embracing the future.

With a more consistent and reliable understanding of what the organisation is experiencing, also enables better planning and execution of plans.

Governance Intelligence® Audits ensure organisations are more successful in their analysis and planning for change. The use of each report helps to minimise the negative sense of uncertainty and ambiguity. It empowers staff through being better-informed, having greater clarity of their roles, and knowing how their contribution makes a difference in achieving their organisation’s purpose.

Please contact Damien Smith to discuss how we can assist your organisation: email or phone (03) 8862 6315.

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