Did Someone Mention Culture …. Again?

02/08/2018 5:00 AM

Sometimes it is easy to feel that professionally you are flying solo. There is a sense that a bigger game of cat and mouse operates and somehow, you’re the cheese.

It’s easy to observe that governments pass more or stricter regulations to plug loopholes, and employees then find new loopholes which exploit those new regulations; so, Groundhog Day is revisited.
When will enough people say that the fault is not in our laws but with us?

For is not Justice Neville Owen’s question raised in the HIH Insurance Royal Commission of 2003 still valid: – Did anyone stand back and ask themselves the simple question — is this right?”

Importantly if something is to really happen then the hearts and minds of an organisation’s leadership need to be aligned and committed. This is a fundamental start to sound governance, yet we know more must follow. For sound corporate governance is truly about what is done, accepted, ignored, rewarded, not tolerated, and lived with day-to-day by our leaders.

This does not need a written code of ethics; but it does need a lived experience. If leaders live the values, then an organisation’s culture is positively nurtured. This in turn will successfully and effectively regulate the individual’s behaviour and reflect what is the approved culture of the organisation.

Ultimately as a part of a collective this re-enforces all individuals to redouble their efforts as they can see it potentially makes a valued difference.

Did Someone Mention Culture …. Again?

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