Leaders and the ‘Under’ Tag

Leaders and the ‘Under’ Tag Stories telling of leaders and directors who successfully achieve an ‘Under’ on their watch are plentiful. But unfortunately, the awful saga is getting worse. New instances of ‘Under’ payment of wages continues to surface. Household names of Australian organisations are reporting having ‘Under’ paid staff by very large sums of …

A story of “leadership dishonesty”

A story of “leadership dishonesty” Commissioner Hayne’s report into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry is a shameful story of extraordinary leadership dishonesty. Whatever their role – chairman, director, MD/CEO, senior executive, professional advisor, business partner, industry/professional body, or in many of the other capacities, the organisations’ leaders treated people dishonestly. It …

Did Someone Mention Culture …. Again?

Sometimes it is easy to feel that professionally you are flying solo. There is a sense that a bigger game of cat and mouse operates and somehow, you’re the cheese.
It’s easy to observe that governments pass more or stricter regulations to plug loopholes, and employees then find new loopholes which exploit those new regulations; so, Groundhog Day is revisited.
When will enough people say that the fault is not in our laws but with us?