Responding to the Explosion of Uncertainty

14/07/2018 2:08 PM

Our governance work with Boards, Directors and senior executives continues to address the central challenge of how best to ensure that optimum use is being made of their time and contribution for the most valuable effect.

Too often, it is assumed that there is a magic touchstone of agreed actions which can constructively motivate and engage the Board and Directors.

Not surprisingly, this is far from the case. It is also not what is needed nor an approach subscribed to by Enterprise Care.

One major reason for adopting a different approach is our understanding of the emergent operating dynamics that now confront decision-makers.

Enterprise Care’s approach is in response to the question of what enables Boards and Directors to handle in a confident manner the complex tasks facing their organisations today.

Without trivialising this critical subject, our approach is broken into four (4) distinct areas:-

  • Recognise
  • Shape
  • Adapt
  • Invest

Firstly, it is important to accept as a given that most organisations today operate in a complex and possibly chaotic environment. When trying to manage their future, organisations are challenged to even fully understand their present positions.

Just as change has for some time now been recognised as a constant, it is time to conclude that most organisations operate in an uncertain environment – the latter ironically now constituting some certainty.

It appears to be more widespread that Boards and Directors are unsure, or lack adequate assurance, concerning either the current or future matters of their organisation. This can also involve a diminished lack of trust or confidence in what is discussed or considered.

This whole uncertainty issue is not something that any of us can avoid. It is fair to conclude that uncertainty is ever-present and needs to be addressed; otherwise it will direct what we are trying to do.

Hence, how you as a Board or Director or senior manager manage in this environment is all about: how you evaluate what you are doing – recognise; how you take actions – shape; how you can alter what you need to now do – adapt; and how you ensure you will remain ‘in the game’ to decide your future (in 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year or 3 years time) – invest.

Another very important message is for all of us to manage what matters even more than we did in the past, including:

  • People – attract, retain and motivate;
  • Strategy – ensure everyone acts with flexibility and responsiveness, all in the same direction;
  • Capabilities – evaluate existing people skills to ensure they are relevant for the needs of today’s operating environments;
  • Customers and clients – note that behaviour and expectations are changing; and
  • Innovation – enable your business to respond to the ever-changing world of your customers / stakeholders and clients.

Governance of your organisation must importantly recognise and respond to the ever-increasing uncertainty which can impact the Board’s and Directors’ sense of making a difference and of having a relevant impact. An emerging sense of disempowerment and lack of engagement needs to be addressed in order that effectiveness is not diminished.

By responding today you can generate and experience valuable gains and benefits.

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